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Everything comes together in the secretarial office: students ask for registration forms for school trips, supplies are dispensed, and business stationery is at hand for invitations to the school concert.

Every day, our furniture helps to ensure that everything is well stored and neat – even little snacks for between meals.

The A2S cabinets are as flexible as you can wish - from counter desk to wardrobe.

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Secretarial office

A2S organizing systems help you to keep all documents well-organized, while creating space on your desks. Our designs and innovation leave enough room for your really important things: a few flowers, a candy jar, and a friendly smile.

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Office-chair BASIC

Our starter model helps everyone function well, and sit properly, in the office. With a combination of high-quality workmanship and practical features, this chair is the perfect swivel chair to rise to the occasion. Freely height-adjustable, with comfortable padding, this swivel chair is offered in colors that will compliment and match your room concept. And it guarantees back-friendly posture when working.

Picture: Model 9345 office swivel chair BASIC, with plastic pans for seat and back which also protect the "Dollard" red upholstery from the "Basic" category.

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Sitting pretty at these tables.

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As secretary, teaching or office desk, our table system can be as flexible as you need it to be.
A variety of tabletop sizes and shapes, combined with a wide range of storage accessories, helps to make certain that all your needs are met.
Chose between a sturdy welded metal frame, or one made of dismountable individual elements, for the more complex table combinations. Still not sure? Maybe you would prefer a solid wood frame?

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