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Flexible, fire resistant and colorful.

Students are not known for their love of order. So it's good when a clever storage system helps maintain organization. With the A2S lockers and seating alcoves, wide hallways can be put to good use, by providing plenty of space for your students.
Our storage system can be customized to various needs and challenges based on your budget and space. And with its bright, cheerful colors visually it makes an important contribution to a more relaxed school life.

Whether it is primary school or vocational high school - our storage system artfully adapts to your specific needs. Pull-out shoe lockers with a non-slip seating surface allow smaller students reach the upper storage compartments. Our seating alcoves are available in a work / play table version, for primary school students, and a comfortable upholstered bench, for older students.
Thanks to the B1-compliant design, and the firmly anchored components, the A2S storage system can withstand any challenge - ensuring that everything has its place.


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When school days are long, and classrooms are small, using all of your available space intelligently is a must. With the A2S storage system, we create more organization and space in the hallways that connect your classrooms. Bags and jackets can be stowed quickly, and the alcoves are inviting places to play, work, collaborate, and meet friends.
The A2S storage system can do even more: Unlike many other providers, our furniture is fire-retardant, and a far cry from the heavy and unsightly metal boxes.
Everyone benefits from the A2S storage system. Students are always happy to have more space, and  teachers will enjoy more order in the hallways. Even the class treasury will be pleased, as the A2S storage system fits any school budget.


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  • Flexible for different spaces and budgets
  • B1-compliant and thus flame-retardant
  • In 2 different widths, for 1 or 2 students
  • Tidy-boxes fit neatly under the A2S tables
  • Pull-out stool, with non-slip properties
  • Robust coat rack
  • Cabinet-high handle, keeps evacuation routes open, and is easy to reach from any height
  • Extendable top cupboard with plenty of storage space
  • Height-adjustable base for protection against moisture
  • All cabinets can be supplied with locks on request

For young and old.

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A variety of front colors, cabinet heights, and widths, with several design options, we offer you a variety of cabinet system solutions to suit your specific requirements. Whether equipping a primary school for full-day operation, or a technical college, where students require individual places, our system offers numerous solutions for every project.


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a) Shelf with coat rack including 4 built-in, rugged coat hooks.
b) Storage set - stool with 2 durable Tidy-boxes, made from recyclable PP, in 5 different colors, and suitable for inserting under the school desk. A stool, equipped with moisture-resistant seamless laser edge, and floor protectors to prevent slippage.
c) Storage set - large box including 3 robust Tidy-boxes made from recyclable PP in 5 different colors. 2 units low, suitable for inserting under the school desk and 1 unit tall.
d) Storage set - small box with 2 robust Tidy-boxes made from recyclable PP in 5 different colors, suitable for inserting under the school desk.
e) Shoe rack made of scratch resistant PAGHOLZ®.
f) Bottom shelf, clips in, including moisture resistant seamless laser edge.
g) Shelf with moisture-resistant seamless laser edge, adjustable in height with steel shelf supports.

Locker doors and seating alcoves available in 11 attractive decors.

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