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Practical environmental protection


Resources are limited. We consider them precious. Only through the responsible use of our environment can we help insure the quality of life and increasing prosperity for future generations.

As a producer of educational furnishings we have a special responsibility. Our products help shape future generations. We want to invite everyone concerned to follow our behavior, and our example, as we continue to be an ecologically-exemplary company.

Our environmental policy is this: we at A2S are commited to the continuous improvement of our environmental performance. We are fully aware of our responsibility for protecting and conserving natural resources. We have formulated our environmental policy in order to constantly seek our "best practices" as a mandatory standard throughout our organization.

We continually work on limiting and reducing our environmental impact. We do our utmost to adhere to all legal regulations as the mere minimum. With every business decision, in all functions and process levels, we consider the environmental impacts.

We ensure the continuous improvement of our environmental performance by means of an environmental management system. We derive strategic goals and corresponding programs from this environmental policy, across all departments and all locations, that impact the environment. We believe it is essential that our employees act independently with environmental responsibility, including others who work on our behalf. We communicate, to our suppliers the importance of this approach, and to customers, of the importance of environmental protection.

We adhere to all environmental norms and standards, in cooperation with our suppliers, other contractual partners, and government agencies. We have defined a set of technical and organizational procedures to ensure adherence to this environmental policy. We regularly monitor for suitability and practicality, and when necessary, we update them.

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The international ISO 14001 standard is the most significant regulation of what "environmental management" should contain and achieve in businesses and other organizations. In Germany, ca. 4000 companies / organizations are ISO 14001 certified.