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How we guarantee our high quality

The company is committed to economic, quality, social and environmental requirements.

Based on this, the following 9 quality and environmental guidelines apply:

  1. We offer our customers a quality and environmental standard based on customer demands, in which customers provide their ideal for the products and associated services. Customers are asked whether they are satisfied with the products and services. We make certain that the quality and environmental measures provide the absolute best possible cost-benefit ratio.
  2. We define and monitor individual processes. Due to the clear way in which they are presented, and the reciprocal information, time sequences and factual relationships are transparent. The cost structure is also recorded and evaluated.
  3. We regularly check the specified interfaces to see how the individual processes interact with each other. Any negative deviations are immediatlely addressed.
  4. In our group of companies, we design our processes under the premise of optimum customer benefit, in order to comply with statutory provisions. Without being asked to do so, we analyze critical events, to create and coordinate solutions with all the relevant departments prior to installation.
  5. We compare our measures with those of our competitors and third parties outside of our industry. We analyze their measures and compare them critically with our own.

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  1. We don't copy, but we do learn from, and improve on, other's ideas.
  2. Our staff members are an integral part of our continuous improvement process, for both quality and environmental damage prevention. Where this might not be possible, we do our utmost to reduce the impacts. We are committed to protecting the environment. Management acts as a role model to motivate every staff member, in regards to improving our quality or our care of the environment. Employees are regularly asked about their motivations and satisfaction. Every one at A2S are given ample opportunities for achievement and recognition, which results in a products and services that increase customer satisfaction, while raising the bar on corporate environmental protection.
  3. The same quality and environmental objectives that apply to our company are also applied to suppliers and their services. Not only do we negotiate the price with the suppliers, but also the quality and environmental compatibility of their products and services along with the punctuality of the deliveries.
  4. In addition to complying with statutory and regulatory requirements, we have taken it upon ourselves to work in accordance with the rules and regulations of DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015, DIN EN ISO 14001: 2015, the Golden M and FSC.

In order to implement these guidelines, it is necessary for all levels to understand the quality policies of the company. All employees are familiar with the quality policies. They are obligated to contribute the constant realization of these goals in their work. They are provided with the necessary tools to do so.