Notice to the data protection

We are glad that you visit our web pages, and thank you for your interest in our enterprise, our products and our web pages. The protection of your private sphere with the use of our web pages is important to us. Hence, please take note of following information:

Anonymus levying of data

You can visit the web pages of the A2S Furnishing Systems basically without informing us who you are. We find out only the name of your Internet service of provider, the web page from which you visit us, and the web pages which you visit with at us. This information can be evaluated for statistical purposes. You remain anonymous as a single user, on this occasion.

Ascertaining and processing of personal data
Personal data are only ascertained if you inform of this from yourselves possibly within the scope of an inquiry by e-mail or by transference of a web form us. The so ascertained data are processed by us merely to the answer of your inquiry. A further processing possibly to reasons of the advertisement and market research does not take place.

Use and passing of personal data
Personal data, that are ascertained within the scope of the web pages of the A2S Furnishing Systems are used without your approval only for the treatment of your inquiry. A further use of your data possibly for the purposes of the advertisement and market research does not take place.

External links
To your optimum information you find on our web pages links which refer on sites of third. As far as these are recognizable not obviously, we point out you to the fact that it concerns an external link. The A2S Furnishing Systems has no influence on the contents and the creation of the sites of other suppliers. Hence, the guarantees of this data protection explanation are not valid ther of course.