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How we guarantee our high quality

The company is committed to economic, quality, social and environmental requirements. On this basis, the following 8 Quality Guidelines are valid:

  1. Our company offers customers a quality standard that is based on the demands of the customer and that is used by customers for the products. It is associated to customers services and to be considered as optimal. This will ensure the customers about their satisfaction with the products and services. We guarantee the quality measures for our customers to be in the optimal cost-benefit ratio.
  2. The individual processes are defined and monitored. By making explicit and transparent exchange of information in time sequences and factual context both trasparence is secured and the cost structures and evaluated.
  3. The defined interfaces are regularly reviewed in the interaction of the individual processes so that negative variations can be quickly removed.
    and respond quickly to negative deviations.
  4. In our group, processes are designed on the premise of the optimum customer value, critical events are analysed unsolicited, solutions are created and matched before installation with all relevant bodies.
  1. The measures are compared with those of competitors and third parties outside the industry. Their actions are analyzed and compared critically with own. 
  2. We do not copy, but learn of those, who are better. 
  3. All company employees are involved in the process of continuous quality improvement. It ist the management level, who takes the role of model to all employees in the process of quality improvement and motivatiton. Employees will be interviewed at regular intervals about their motivation and satisfaction, for them there is made a sense of achievement that will affect customer satisfaction significantly.
  4. The same quality objectives that apply to the company itself, are applied to suppliers and based on their performance. With the suppliers not only the price is negotiated, but above all also the quality of their products and the timeliness of deliveries. 
    To implement these guidelines is to understand the quality policy of the company at all levels. All employees are aware of the quality policy. They are committed to contribute through their work to continuously achieve these goals. For that all the necessary funds are made available.