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Colours of materials and surfaces

The colours and materials displayed here are the look most sought after by schools. Our factories are set up to produce products with these finishes, allowing us to increase our production efficiency, and offer highest quality at a fair price.

If you do require a special material or finish you don't find in our large selection or need a piece of custom furniture, our specialists will be glad to help you. Our colleagues at A2S Custom specialize in custom pieces, and are true to the ideals of classic craftsmanship.

Steel colours

Epoxidharzfarben für Pulverbeschichtung

Technical attributes:

Epoxy resin, powder coating,
Scratchproof: ISO 1518,
Sweat-proof: DIN EN ISO 2812-3,
Layer thickness: 50-70μ,

Plastic colours


Technical attributes:

Polypropylen (PP), recycable,
Polycyclical-aromatic-hydrocarbons-free (no PAH) - (meets the requirements for toys),

fiber-board veneer

Standard-pattern and Accent-colours
i Material Dekorakzent 02

Technical attributes:

Several melamine laminates on particle board,
Scrubresistant: DIN 68861 part 2: 620 rotations = Grade 2b,
Base plate: best emission class E1: DIN EN 171-1 / DIN EN 14322.

PAGHOLZ® Colour-Wood, PAGHOLZ® and PAGHOLZ® Colour

Farbigkeit von Pagholz

Technical attributes:

Beechwood and melamine resin,
Migration: meets DIN EN 7103.

Multiplex Colour-Wood

Farbigkeit von Multiplex

Technical attributes:

Water stain on Beechwood,
Environmentally-friendly lacquerd with waterbased colour

ASSODUR® edging


Technical attributes:

Polyurethan (PUR),
waterproof, scratchproof.

Woodmark and seat/back woodplac

Woodmark und Woodplac-Sitzschale

Technical attributes:

Several melamine laminates on MDF (medium dens fiberboard),
Scrubresistant: DIN 68861 part 2: 510 rotations = Grade 2b,
Scratch-proof: DIN EN 14322: grade 4 = 6N,
Base plate: best emission class E1: DIN EN 171-1 / DIN EN 14322.